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Above: Huw Alden Davies speaking about his new book ‘Scaffold to the Moon’ (more info below)

New Welsh Photobooks Pt.2

Scaffold to the Moon by Huw Alden Davies

'Scaffold to the Moon' - the new photobook by Huw Alden Davies published by iPigeon. © Huw Alden Davies

In the second of a series of ongoing discussions on photobook experimentation and publishing in Wales, Ellie Hopkins and Brian Carroll, co-editors of the new Offline Journal issue #005, spoke with Huw Alden Davies in late August in advance of the big reveal of his new self-published book Scaffold to the Moon (audio clip at the top of this page).

We discuss Huw’s approach to the photography and book design; the included writing that developed from an extensive series of Blog posts; and forming iPigeon - a new photobook publishing venture with co-founder Dan Staveley - to release the ‘part novel/part photobook’.

Scaffold to the Moon is available now from iPigeon via their website:

Scaffold to the Moon by Huw Alden Davies
Publisher: iPigeon
Dimensions: 270 x 210mm
100 pages Including text and Photographs 
Printed Four Colour Litho
Hardcover - Sewn 
Edition of 500 
First edition: September 2020
ISBN: 978-1-8381610-0-2

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